NYE- 2011

Jess and I are pretty low key when it comes to celebrating. We enjoy quiet evenings at home and like to avoid the craziness of it all. I wasnt feeling very well new years eve and had someone cover my shift. I stayed in bed most of the day and then watched the ball drop with Jess when she got home.

2011 has been a pretty good year for us.

– Jess finished her last year of college basketball.

-She got her first job!

– I graduated from my 2 year school.

– I went full time at work, only to have to go back part time in January 2012..

– We moved into a 3 bedroom apartment (which was a lot of drama that I never found time to blog about! =/)

– I got into Nursing School! <<—- Best News Ever!

-We threw our first baby shower!

And some more incredibly exciting events, Im sure!

We are grateful for all that we have and look forward to a year for of changes for us!

Happy New Years Eve!

Goodbye 2011!

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