The night before..

…life goes on.

So… I start classes tomorrow. And I am FREAKING OUT! I dont know what to do, or think, or say, or wear. Well.. ok.. I know what to wear. My WHITES 🙂 My scrubs. My student nursing uniform. Feels so weird to say that. But I am stressing that the pants are too long causing them to bulge on the end, even though they dont touch the floor which is a requirement. I think my top is too small, and that my shoes are too loud. Remember that lime green stripe??

All in all… Im pretty excited.

Jess starts her internship tomorrow & she is also FREAKING OUT!! Although, she has been more vocal about being nervous than I have… which is odd, because she is always so calm and collected. I tend to have a melt down right before bed. & then continue to worry myself to sleep… only to wake up in the morning without a care in the world. Sigh.

Oh yea.... this was made for me.

Mom came down this weekend to hang out & help me get organized. I want the apartment to be in damn near perfect condition. See… Jess doesnt like to clean. And things that need to be done around the house just dont seem to jump out at Jess. No matter how many baskets of clothes are piled up on the floor or how many dishes are running out of the sink.. she doesnt see it. So.. since the nursing school teachers keep saying our lives will change and our “significant others” will have to pick up all the slack… I want to make sure the apartment is ready for Jess to take over 🙂

So mom helped us organize our office/craft room/place to store everything and throw away most of the junk we have been moving from one apartment to the next. We organized all of our old tshirts into totes for our tshirt quilts 🙂 We hung up some decor that I needed her help with. We had fun making some art decor we saw on Pinterest. I cant even tell you how many times one of us says “Did you see this on Pinterest?” “I wanna make this, I saw it on Pinterest” So we did this…

Canvas + Masking Tape + Paint = ART 🙂

I also finished a non-Pinterest inspired project from like a year ago…

$0.49 tile+$3 rub on stamps+$2 thrift store plate hanger = cheap decor! 😀

After Mom left, I cleaned out & re-organized the kitchen cabinets. My nerves must be in my subconscious and I have just been super productive. Jess made us a yummy dinner inspired by a recipe on.. wait .. for .. it… Pinterest. 🙂

Cheesy Cheddar Chicken + Garlic Green Beans + Yellow Rice

One last thing, this weekend we watch a lot of Lizard Lick Towing. Omg its hilarious. Kinda dumb, but so funny. Definitely helped calm the nerves. Nothing like what I normally watch…

Can’t wait to see what life is like after tomorrow. Well.. maybe?



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2 Responses to The night before..

  1. Mom says:

    Oh yeah we were supposed to do kitchen cabinets, time just always goes so fast. You look great in your nurse’s uniform, the shoes are 90% white and that was one of the requirements. Pants are fine too. you have the tape in case you need us to do a telephone version on how to do the hem. I love you and I am so PROUD of you. Just take one day at a time and remember for the next two years, your life is going to change, but in the end you will be a GREAT FANTASTIC NURSE..I will be a retired woman in my 50’s relaxing by “our pool” taking care of the all of the doggies… lol.. hurry up girl and graduate, I want to RETIRE

  2. careerwoman says:

    Congrats and good luck!! In a few years you’ll look back with a ton of pride and know you did it!! Wooo-hoo!

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