About Bake

Im Jessica, but everyone calls me Bake becase of my last name.

I love sports! Mainly college basketball. I played for 4 years in college and am now enjoying my life post basketball with the greatest girlfriend ever, Shirrell. We have 2 fur babies!


I was raised by just my mom, her and my dad divorced when  I was about 2 and he has never been a big part of my life. I refer to him as my “sperm donar”. lol. I grew up in the country in South Ga until I was 10 and then we moved about 40 miles north east of Atlanta. BIG cultural shock. I went from middle of no where to a place where there was everything! I have one half sister who is 8 years older than me and has 2 children, a girl and a boy.

High School

I went to a largly black high school and I played basketball, volleyball, and ran track. I loved high school, it was easy and I was a jock, so no one messed with me! I wasnt that “popular” girl or anything, but everyone knew who I was. I have always been very shy and introverted and not the person who is trying to be the life of the party. I went to prom my Jr year with a group of friends and it was fun but not somthing that I would do again. It was nice to experience but just not up my ally. High school was just one step along my path tp college.


I went to college on a full basketball scholarship. I played all four years and got my 5th year paid for as well. I will graduate in May 2012 with a batchors in Community Health: Human Services and Health Education. I know its a mouthful! I was very lucky to have the ability to have my college paid for.

After my frishman year is when I met Shirrell and so begins our love story. Most of our blogs will be from 2008 and on, expect our flash back blogs!

The begining of something great 🙂

Fall 2008


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