About Shell

My name is Shirrell. I write 99% of the blogs here. Shell is a nickname.. that no one actually calls me anymore. But it sounds good with Bake 🙂 Story of Our nicknames


The story of my family can be found here & here. We moved around a few times when I was young, but when my mom and step-dad bought a home in 1993, that’s where we stayed. I lived next door to the same “little girl” (Brandi) and were best friends all through school years and even stay in contact today. I never had to start a first day alone or wait for the bus alone. I always had someone to hang out with, go shopping with, or swim with. Being a kid was fun, but I ALWAYS wanted to be a “grown-up”. I couldn’t wait to drive and used to play in the car all the time. I knew not to really touch the pedals or turn the key past what would just allow the radio to play. Brandi and I would play in the cars for hours. One of our moms would park the cars even in the driveways so we could see each other while we were “driving”. I can’t imagine kids actually doing this today because of all the dangers. thank God we knew better than to do anything more that touch the stirring wheel. Aside from driving, we played with Barbies and babies of course, just like all kids. I had a ton of Barbie stuff that had been handed down from older cousins and it would take forever for us to set everything up, ya know the Barbie beds, couches, kitchen stuff, Barbie baby stuff, the clothes, etc. By the time everything was divided and organized, we were too tired to actually play. 😀

High School-

Man, I hated high school. I was bored in class and wanted to be anywhere but there. I didn’t want to go to college because I thought it would be like high school. Plus, when I was 17, I got a job at Publix and I was making decent money when I graduated. I did love prom though. I went with my boyfriends both years. (Yes I had bfs. eww 😉 ) I never really thought I would go to prom because I wasn’t into all the “high school” stuff. I didn’t play sports, I didn’t go watch the sports, I wasn’t involved in clubs, or anything like that. I had friends and went to parties but I wasn’t “that” girl. Back to prom- Both of my prom dates were out of high school already and very gentlemen-like… at least for that night. I had the best time both years & I remember seeing my friends fighting with their dates or staying in the bathroom all night checking their make-up. haha. Even though, both nights were picture perfect… I would do it all again with Jess if I could. 🙂

The youngest one of all my friends,I didn’t act my age. Too cool for the football games, and the homecoming parades. Now I look back and have to smile, cause boy it was fun
being seventeen wishing I was twenty one.” – Corey Smith “Twenty-One”


I finally decided I was ready for college when I was 22. I enrolled at a tech school for LPN. I made it all the way to the applying to the program with a 3.7 gpa but somehow I got misguided information that if I ever wanted to pursue being an RN that I would need to still go to a 4 year school. I felt like I was wasting my time, so I transferred. Sometimes, I think this was a huge mistake because that advice was wrong. There are bridge programs for LPN to RN, and it seems to me that it is easier for LPN’s to get into RN programs because there is so much they don’t have to be taught. Also, around this time is when Jess and I were driving back and forth 2 hours as much as possible to see each other, and were ready to be together in the same place. So.. I checked out the colleges in her town.. there were 3. Her college, a 4-year university, which I didn’t want to go to because I didn’t want to “follow” her. I looked at the local tech school… and the jr college. I chose the jr college, which I graduated from June 2011.

Education Goals

In January 2011, I am starting the nursing program!! Woohoo! I made it! 🙂 I plan to get my BS and my masters as well.


I started Publix (southern grocery store) when I was 17 as a cashier, and went into the office soon after I graduated high school. I quit when I was 22 and cashed in my stock (big plus of this company & yes it was enough to help start college) I went back 2 years later & love it. . I never plan to quit Publix again. It is a great company with great benefits and managers that work around your needs, if they can. Working one day a month and holiday seasons will always give me extra money 😉 Plus, we got a wedding, house, and babies to save for!

Coming Out-

Well.. it went like this- I was 14 the first time I kissed a girl. A very close friend of mine and I sat on my trampoline and talked about if we had ever or would ever kissed a girl. I had been dared at nearly every party I went to, to make out with my friends but eww.. I never wanted to make out with my friends so some boys could watch. But something was different with this convo with just this friend. So after talking about it literally ALL night, we finally kissed. It was weird to say the least, but something we made a weekend event. haha. We never dated or anything like that. We were 14 and  just curious, I guess.

I was 18 the first time I met an “out” lesbian. Oh.. there were flashing lights and bells ringing, screaming at me that there was a reason I found her so interesting. lol. But I just thought she was “cute”. Luckily, my mgr at the time was gay, so I had at least one person to talk to about this. She flirted, I giggled like a 12 year girl with a crush, leading to movie dates and hanging out..which led to kissing and making out. It was fun while it lasted, no harm done. I continued dating guys and bailing on relationships just when it got serious enough to talk about the future and weddings. eeeek. *RUN* is all I would hear in my head. And I did.. right to the next boyfriend. Sidenote- my first real boyfriend informed me, when I was 16, that I was a lesbian. He said one day I would see it too. I guess he thoughted it was cute, and we dated for 3 years on and off. 6 years after that conversation with him…. I told him about Jessica and he said “well its about time”. haha. Anyways, right before I met Jess, I dated this girl and realized that while I was definitely a lesbian, she was so not the one. And then I met Jess. ❤

Everyone always asks “what did your family say ?!?!”

Well, my mom and I have always been extremely open. So when I told her about the first girl when I was 18, she smirked and said at least you cant get pregnant. 🙂 She thought it was a phase, maybe I did too. With the second girl,  it was about the same convo.. my mom has never been one to judge or condemn someone who is happy. When Jess came along she realized it wasnt a phase and accepted that I was in love with a girl. Jess is part of the family. She goes to all family events and my mom introduces her in one of two ways “This is my future daughter-in-law or this is her girlfriend. She understands how important it is to be truthful about us because it effects us. I mean our country is constantly voting on whether or not we should be able to legally wed!! Geez. My brother isnt much for words on feelings and relationships of mine.. he just wants me to be happy. So it never phased him that I was dating her. It was never something we needed to discuss, as so many things in our relationship are.. its just plain and simple. 🙂



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