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Kiwi’s 6th Birthday!

Six years ago today, my sweet angel was born. I am pretty sure on this day, I was pleading with my mom to let me get a chihuahua. Yes, I was 19 but I was still living at home. She was … Continue reading

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>3-3-2011 :)

> Yesterday was.. I decided to eat at … Because their Chips & Salsa-Ranch is my favorite!! Jess got me this for my birthday… And the babies got me this… I really want a new tv for the living room … Continue reading

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>Happy Birthday Baby!! (9-8-10)

>Yesterday was Jess’ 22nd birthday!! I had to work most the day yesterday but we did go out to eat last night. Random story while I was working though: This elderly lady came through my line with a cake for … Continue reading

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>Memories in the Making =)

>We’re still here! We apparently took a short break from blogging, but we’re back!! Im officially done with fall quarter, things didnt go exactly the way I wanted but all is well. I’ll just study harder next time. I got … Continue reading

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>So I blogged about this potenial job in an earlier post, well the job called me and asked if I could change my class schedule to fit their needs.. I said I could. But they wanted me to make sure … Continue reading

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