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Christmas 2011

 We had a wonderful Christmas. On Christmas eve, we closed so we didnt get off work until 8pm. Well, I got off at 8, Jess got off at 7. It was a Saturday night so I had extra stuff to … Continue reading

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“Uhh, where are the apartment keys?!?”

So lets start from the beginning… Since we have moved closer to work (5 min away!) Jess takes my car to school 45 min away because my car get better gas mileage than her mustang. So I have been driving … Continue reading

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Poor Mango-pango

Today, we had Mango neutered. 😦 We dropped him off early this morning for his surgery. We were so worried about him not waking him because he is so little and an applehead. Correction.. our little man is not so … Continue reading

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>Day 27 of 30.

>Pets Of course our pets are actually our furry-children 🙂 Kiwi- Is our little princess. She is delicate and danity, perfers to cuddle in the bed with her mommas. She doesnt play as much as she used too because shes just … Continue reading

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>This Moment 2-26-2011

> {this moment} A Friday ritual. A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.

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>Melts My Heart :)

> There’s just something so sweet about seeing your babies sleeping. So peaceful. These are the moments that make you forget about the little accident she had on the floor, (right after you walked them!!) or when he steps on … Continue reading

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>Trick or Treat! :)

> This may be the cutest pic– I’ve ever seen!! 🙂 Although, I couldnt get a single picture with them both looking at the camera, they were amazing at staying somewhat still. Kiwi knows to stay put (especially when I … Continue reading

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>Pet Stroller? ;)

> After the breast cancer walk this morning, we decided that we need to purchase a pet stroller. We always want to take our babies on these types of walks or even just to Pride. But theres no way their … Continue reading

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>And then there were 4 ;)

> We got a new puppy!! His name is Mango!!

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