Kiwi & Mango

Kiwi is  She is just like me: stubborn, bitchy, and needs to do everything HER way. She will not go outside if it is rainy, cold, or windy. Sometimes if she is having a really good nap all snuggled in our bed, she wont get up to go outside. She will just lay there and pretend she doesnt hear you calling her. After calling and calling for her, if you go in the room and slightly lift the covers, she is usually laying on her back wagging her tail. 🙂 She is a cuddler and loves loves to be held and petted. For some reason, when I let her out of her bed (crate) she jumps on my legs and waits to be carried around. I am trying to break this habit, but I guess when she was a baby, weighing only a pound, I must have carried her everywhere. haha I am paying for it now.

She sits on her hind legs, in what we call “sit pretty”.. and wil beg for whatever you have that she wants. And if that does not work, she will give little bitchy barks.. as if to say “HELLO!! Im sitting here sooo cute, I want that!!” She isnt too fond of strangers, and doesnt care to be spoken to or petted by them. She can get a bit nippy, but hey if you reach out to her.. and she bites then its your fault. And she will let you know. 😉

Mango is all boy. He is rough and lacks grace. He hides all his toys and bones under our bed or under the couch. Mango isnt much of a cuddler.. sometimes he lays down with us.. but only for a second before hes up and running through the house terrorizing some stuffed animal!! When he eats, he carries the food under our bed to eat, as if its his own personal club house. Mango is Jessica’s “baby”.. he is just like her. Silly and sweet, and ALWAYS wanting to play. He always has to be first just like her. He does have a not so sweet side when he has a new bone or arbys wrapper.. lol.. he will hide with his new found treat and growls and snarls if he even look like you want his treat. We call this Evil Mango.


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